Baby Circumcision

Our Pricing

  • $325: up to 3 months
  • $450: 3 months-1 yrs
  • $500: 1-4 yrs old
  • $550: 4-10 yrs
  • $750: 10+ yrs
  • $1000: 10+ yrs (if any stitching is needed)

There are a number of reasons you may want to get your baby boy circumcised. Whether it’s for health reasons (therapeutic) or cosmetic, social or religious reasons (non-therapeutic), when you make the decision, you need someone you can trust to carry out the procedure. You need a doctor with years of experience and the sensitivity to care for your child and make sure that the circumcision is performed carefully and correctly. 

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When should I get my child circumcised?

If you intend to get your child circumcised, it is best to do it as soon as possible. The ideal age is within the first two weeks of a child’s life, as newborns are less aware and will recover from the procedure far faster.

That being said, it is an important decision that you should discuss with your spouse, trusted family and friends, and of course your pediatrician. We offer consultations to all of our clients to confirm that circumcision is the right choice for your child and help guide you through the process — before, during and after the procedure.

Dr Circumcision

The process

We want to make the process as simple and painless for your child as possible. We’ve perfected the Pollock technique, which takes only minutes for infants and has proven to be the most reliable in our years of serving the Adelaide area. According to a study published by the method’s creator, Dr Pollock, the child experiences little to no pain at all. In fact, many babies can sleep right through the surgery!