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We use the tt, which means less time and less pain in the procedure.

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The removal of foreskin from the tip of the penis could reduce the risk of urinary tract infections. Along with the health benefits of circumcision, many people engage in getting their newborns circumcised due to religious reasons.

At our clinic, we respect the religious and cultural requirements of our patients and endeavour to provide safe, effective and affordable circumcision services for all our patients.

If you’re an adult considering circumcision then know that our surgeons have performed numerous procedures on patients of all ages. From newborns all the way up to 22+ years of age. We offer the use of general and local anesthesia for patients, although, there may be additional fees involved.

How Circumcision Adelaide is Performed?

Once you come in for your appointment, we’ll sit down with you to explain the procedure. We’re discuss the method we’re using, how the foreskin is removed and pain-management solutions. At this consultation, feel free to ask any questions you may have.

After the initial consultation, we’ll apply a EMLA cream which helps to numb the penis area – applied 30 minutes before the procedure. Once the procedure begins, it takes between 15-20 mins to complete, unless further stitching is required.

After the procedure, you’ll wait in the general sitting area for another 30 minutes before you’re able to go home.

After the Circumcision Producedure

For parents we advise that you administer paracetamol to your baby to help with pain relief. If you notice any bleeding or swelling then immediately notify us and come in for the doctor’s consult.

We’ll cover the wound and provide instructions on how to properly care for it for the next few weeks. During the first few weeks, refrain from any sexual activity or agitating the wound.

At our Adelaide circumcision clinic, we strive to provide the safest, painfree and affordable service to all parents of babies or adults. To book your appointment with us today.

Benefits of Adelaide Circumcision​

While most consider circumcision to be a preventative solution from various health conditions. Circumcision actually has various health benefits associated with it. Below are some of the benefits  you can expect from getting yourself or your baby boys circumcised.

Lesser risk of sexually transmitted diseases – according to Mayoclinic, getting circumcision can reduce the risk of getting STD including HIV. Although, everyone is advised to follow safe sex practices either way.

Relief for phimosis & other penile conditions – many individuals suffer from phimosis or other penile conditions that may be easily resolved by getting circumcision done.

Reduced risk of cancer in penis – generally, this is quite rare but getting circumcision has been reported to reduce the chances of this.

Much easier to clean – normally, men who are uncircumcised are advised to regularly roll back the foreskin and clean the penis region. Getting circumcision makes it a lot easier to clean just by maintaining general hygiene.

Above are just some of the numerous benefits to getting circumcision in Adelaide. If you’re looking for the circumcision Adelaide cost of getting this procedure then we highly recommend calling our clinic.

Is circumcision legal in Australia?

Though most public hospitals in Adelaide will no longer perform circumcision for non-therapeutic reasons, parents of a male child may weigh the benefits and the side effects of removing the foreskin and elect to have the procedure removed. If you wish to discuss this with one of our specialists, feel free to give us a call.

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